How to choose your BJJ Gi?

How to choose your BJJ Gi?

1. Consider the Gi’s weight and material: Depending on the type of training you plan on doing, you should consider the weight and material of the Gi. If you’re looking for a Gi for competition use, you should opt for a lightweight Gi made of lighter material. If you’re looking for a Gi for regular training purposes, you should opt for a heavier Gi made of more durable material.

2. Consider the Gi’s fit: It’s important to choose a Gi that fits your body properly. If the Gi is too tight, it will be uncomfortable and restrict your movement. If it’s too loose, it will bunch up and be difficult to manipulate. Be sure to try on the Gi before you buy it to make sure it fits.

3. Consider the Gi’s color: While the color of your Gi isn’t as important as the quality and fit, it’s still something to consider. Different academies may have different rules regarding Gi colors, so make sure you check with your instructor before purchasing a Gi.

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