Key Points to upgrade your BJJ game

Key Points to upgrade your BJJ game

1. Focus on basics: The foundation of your game should be built on the basics, so make sure to drill them regularly and with good technique.

2. Work on your fitness: Working on your cardio, strength, flexibility and endurance will help you last longer on the mat and endure more challenging training sessions.

3. Train with partners: Training with different partners of different levels and skill sets will help you improve quickly and give you different perspectives on training.

4. Understand the rules: Knowing the rules of BJJ will help you understand the nuances of the sport and give you an edge in competition.

5. Experiment: Trying different techniques and positions can help you find new ways to attack and defend and give you a better understanding of the art.

6. Watch and learn: Watching high-level competitors and paying attention to their strategies and techniques can help you learn and improve your own game.

7. Have fun: Dont forget to enjoy yourself while training. Many people forget that BJJ is a sport and an art, and having some fun can be a great way to stay motivated.

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